Jesse P Lesperance’s CV

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Jesse P Lesperance's CV
Sr Security Architect at Evernote

Jesse P Lesperance is a Sr Security Architect that currently works at Evernote in Redwood City, California.  In addition to his work at Evernote, Jesse is also a Technical Advisory Board member for Octarine Inc, a container security startup based in Palo Alto, California.

Experienced Senior Security Architect with a demonstrated history working in the health care industry and specializing in Cloud Security. Areas of expertise include: Enterprise Software, Regulator Compliance, Application Security, Identity and Access Management, Cloud Security, Container Security, Enterprise Architecture, DevSecOps, Pen Testing, Encryption/PKI and Infrastructure Architecture.

An accomplished professional with over 20 years of diverse IT experience in the fields of Software Engineering, Information Security Architecture, Network Architecture, Program Management, Technical Operations and Enterprise Solutions Architecture.

Creative problem solver and strategic decision maker in fast-paced fluid environments.

Jan 2018 – Present
Sr Security Architect

Responsible for Cloud, Network and Data Security Architecture

Sept 2018 – Present
eBay Inc
Apr 2016 – Dec 2017
Sr DevOps Engineer

Lead on the Enterprise Security Operations and Development team.

Responsibilities include:
* Implementation and administration of SaltStack for State Management and command channels
* Implementation and administration of Nagios XI for system and service monitoring
* Hardening of Infrastructure
* Manage Secret/key Management infrastructure that support revenue
* Patching of infrastructure
* Performing BCDR excercises
* Develop tools for process automation
* eBay Agile Leader
* eBay Privacy Champion
* eBay Security Champion

Mar 2015 – Apr 2016
Manager of DevOps

Work on the Technical Operations Team.

* Used Ansible to create a reusable/extensible application deployment framework for deploying applications into AWS EC2
* Handled coordinating Vulnerability scans and vulnerability remediation of cloud applications on AWS in a HIPPA environment
* Achieved PCI Certification on production infrastructure through issue/vulnerability remediation
* Implemented SaltStack to handle AWS ec2 server config management
* Implemented Terraform to handle AWS Cloud Infrastructure State
* Utilized Terraform and docker to create a dynamic development environment
* Designed and implemented SSH Key management system for our AWS VPC environments
* Designed and implemented aws ec2 Security Group management system to handle managing AWS security groups rules
* Deployed a Mesosphere cluster into AWS and created a container infrastructure to allow for more flexible options with having multiple versions of the same microservice in operation at the same time
* Implemented Service Discovery, Centralized config management and Secret mamangement systems in AWS for creating a better security posture.

Taos Mountain
Feb 2015 – Mar 2015
Technical Consultant

I am currently a Technical Consultant with the Database Practice at Taos.

Current Assignment is focused on Redis(for caching and database) architecture/performance/resiliancy/scalability in a high volume traffic environment

Nov 2012 – Jan 2015
IT Operations Manager

Came in as the first member of the IT Operations team. Handled SysOps, DevOps, NetOps and SecOps tasks. Setup all core company server infrastructure and current support and maintain all infrastructure. Built a team of 5 Sys Admins and 2 Network Engineers.
• Created new corporate servers and services as part of the building move(DNS, LDAP, NTP, Radius, Rancid, Zabbix. Deployed all applications using Docker
• Implemented Kickstart for bare-metal provisioning until we were able to get BCFG2/Ansible in place.
• Handle all security related functions: badging, managing camera and security network, defining IT processes(AUP, password policies, etc.), On-boarding(Account creation), Off-board(Account suspension/deletion), review device and server logs to identify possible issues, litigation searches, server hardening, identifying security holes and recommending fixes. Setting up IDS and behavioral analysis tools
• Manage various IT Operations based projects and worked with stakeholders from gathering requirements through delivery.
• Review all RFCs submitted to the Change/Release Advisory Board, perform initial review of request and classification of request. Also responsible for determining if RFCs are approved, rejected or tabled
• Manage all corporate SAS solutions(Jira,, Github, Confluence, etc.)
• Work with the Operations team to constantly review processes and infrastructure to see where improvements can be made
• Implemented Zabbix and Nagios as our server monitoring solutions. Created custom scripts to perform various types of service checks(DNS resolution, NTP time validation, DHCP assignment) for a more robust monitoring implementation.

May 2012 – Nov 2012
Sr DevOps Engineer

Worked in the Developer Operations group in IT

* Refactroed the search portal resulting in a 40% reduction in code, and a more flexible configuration for adding more search cores
* Maintained, fixed bugs and add features to several other web properties
* Administered and maintained critical applications like Jira, confluence and Jenkins
* Migrated a Zend Framework based site into WordPress
* Managed a remote developer who designed the desktop and mobile theme for the site
* Located, and managed a firm to redesign the site

Ricoh Innovations Corporation
May 2010 – Dec 2011
Director of Engineering

I have been managing the Web Services Team for the last year. We have architected a RESTful web service for our electronic document workflow SaaS offering. While managing this team I hired the whole team, assigned tasks, determined priorities, helped define features, helped build the web ops team, design the system architecture for the SaaS offering along with several other duties.

As Director, I can step back from the daily running of this team since the lead engineer has been promoted to Manager and start focusing on building a stron Partner development team, including finding a seasoned manager with strong technical skills to run that team.

CBS Interactive
Sep 2008 – May 2010
Sr Software Engineer

Worked with a small team to develop and maintain one of the largest video/community sites on the Internet, 
* Created a Unified Video Infrastructure that ingests videos from partners, normalizes the data and redistributes the videos to partners. Helped define a new architecture for creating a RESTful API for mobile applications.
* Created various tools to analyze site performance and identify bottlenecks.
* Worked at systematically optimizing all queries, along with analyzing MySQL table schemas to ensure proper indexes were defined for optimal performance.
* Created the HD Video gallery

Arizona State University
B.S. Computer Science
Programming Languages
HashiCorp Vault